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Andorra is at its most verdant during the spring and summer months.
Summer is the hidden-gem season in Andorra. There are so many things to do in Andorra in summer that it’s remarkable that more people don’t visit during the warmer months.

Below, we have an informative overview of the tips and tricks for making the most of a warm-weather vacation. For many of the activities, we also have linked to our detailed guides on each individual topic.

Plan to have your breath taken away by the expansive mountain vistas spread, back-to-back, across Andorra. From pushing your physical limits on a mountain to accessible hikes from the whole family, there are many enjoyable things to do in Andorra in summer

Details About the Spring and Summer Season in Andorra

By the middle of April, it can be too warm to ski in Andorra and the spring season starts. In the parts of the country that lie at a relatively lower elevation, the properly mild weather begins to make an appearance by the end of April. For instance, in Andorra la Vella you can expect the temperature to get up to 14°C by mid-spring.

If you’re keen to spend most of your time up in the mountains, it might make sense to wait for May when temperatures in places like Soldeu (800 metres above Andorra la Vella) get to an average high of 9°C.

All year, Andorra is a particularly sunny country with an average of 250 clear days.

July is the warmest and driest month of the year here. The high gets to 26°C, on average, in Andorra la Vella and a typical July sees only 60 mm of rainfall.

By the end of September, temperatures return to the single digits at higher elevations, but there can still be relatively warm days into the first weeks of October in lower parts of Andorra

Mountain Biking as a Summer Activity in Andorra

Obviously, skiing is the best-known mountain activity in Andorra, but when the snow melts mountain biking takes over. One place this transition happens is right next to our home base at Sant Moritz when the ski resort becomes home to the Vallnord Bike Park.

Mountain biking can be self-directed or a highly competitive event in Andorra.
Mountain biking can be self-directed or a highly competitive event in Andorra. Image: Lexware Mountainbike Team (CC0 1.0)

Particularly for the bike parks that make off-season use of ski resorts, they may not open until the start of July. Luckily, there are plenty of other routes for mountain biking in Andorra outside of the bike parks.

Sant Moritz is conveniently located for mountain biking adventures in Andorra. As well as our proximity to Vallnord, our co-located sports shop also has plenty of mountain biking equipment.

Hiking During the Summer in Andorra

If skiers and mountain bikers are the alpine thrill-seekers, then hikers are the travellers who want to take it slow and move at a more meditative pace. Hiking in Andorra offers the opportunity to fully appreciate the breathtaking views that have drawn people to the Pyrenees for centuries.

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Andorra in the summer.
Hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Andorra in summer. Image: Centre Europeu de Barcelona (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

From the Tristaina Lakes in Ordino to the verdant Sorteny Valley, there are many impressive sights within easy reach of Andorra’s hiking trails. Avid hikers will want to take the opportunity during the summer to attempt a climb of Coma Pedrosa, Andorra’s highest peak.

Hiking certainly is a low-equipment and accessible activity for the whole family. But some preparation is recommended. If you’re heading into the mountains, tell someone about your plans and take at least a basic kit of water, high-energy snacks, a map and additional, light clothing layers. GPS signals can be hard to come by and the weather can change suddenly in the higher-elevation, remote parts of Andorra.

Road Cycling During Andorra’s Summer Months

Back on two wheels, road cycling is another summer activity in Andorra that appeals to those who are in decent fitness. Obviously, cycling is at its most challenging when you’re climbing, but in Andorra, it’s almost impossible to escape the mountains.

  • By the numbers, Andorra has just under 800 bike routes that combine for a bit shy of 100,000 km in total.
  • The country really packs in the mountains with 21 mountain passes and about 70 peaks over 2,000 metres.
  • Because it’s a relatively short ride from one end of the principality to the other, Andorra, Spain and France is one of the easiest three-country cycling circuits to complete in one day.

The most challenging climbs are fairly evenly spread throughout Andorra. Ones near Encamp, Ordino and a few in the south near Andorra la Vella all make the list. We have more details on the must-try route in our guide to cycling in Andorra.

Amongst the things to do in Andorra in summer, cycling is one that has drawn a considerable amount of worldwide attention to the country. Both France’s Tour de France and Spain’s Vuelta a España have visited Andorra for important stages in past years.

Andorra’s Lakes in Spring and Summer

Andorra’s alpine landscape is dotted with an impressive number of tranquil lakes. Getting to see a high-elevation lake in Andorra is a first-time experience for many visitors to Andorra during the summer.

Horses grazing beside a mountain lake is a somewhat common sight in Andorra.
Horses grazing beside a mountain lake is a fairly common sight in Andorra. Image: Josep Maria Viñolas Esteva (CC BY 2.0)

Andorra’s best-known lakes are:

  • The three Tristaina lakes near Andorra’s border with France. Swimming in these lakes is a treat for hikers during summer in Andorra.
  • Lake Engolasters is widely known as a nice setting for a relaxing day outdoors.
  • Because it’s off the usual routes, many visitors treat seeing Moreno Lake as an accomplishment.

The Via Ferratas of Andorra

A via ferrata is a popular (especially in Europe) hybrid between mountaineering and hiking. A permanently installed metal cable determines the route and provides an anchored safety guide for climbers to attach to. Staple-shape metal runs create a sort of free-form ladder up the side of the rock face. The via ferratas in Andorra are free for everyone to use and have a good reputation for being well-maintained.

Those who want to attempt a via ferrata need to use a special climbing kit that includes a helmet, the usual harness, and a special device used to attach to the metal guide wire. The on-site sports shop at Sant Moritz can help you find what you need in terms of equipment.

Exposed heights and metal hardware mean that like many of the other things to do in Andorra in summer, via ferratas are best enjoyed during the warm days of July and August.

All the Other Things to Do in Andorra in Summer

On top of the activities that we created a specific guide for, there are several more that will provide many hours of pleasant enjoyment. This list includes:

  • Visitors who aren’t entirely driven by outdoor pursuits might enjoy learning about the culture and traditional way of life in Andorra.
  • Canyoning draws summer visitors to Andorra’s gorges for an exciting descent. According to this blog post, the rivers are roaring loudest in spring, but the water is at its warmest in autumn.
  • Spotting wildflowers is a widespread hobby for hikers in the Pyrenees.
The Spartan Race is a popular weekend-long event in June.
The Spartan Race is a popular weekend-long event in June. Image: Marc Rafanell López

During Andorra’s warm, summer months there is certainly no shortage of challenging and stimulating activities. Luckily, most of them come with the opportunity to take the type of remarkable photos that will make your friends back home envious.

Sant Moritz as a Base for a Summer Vacation to Andorra

Clearly, despite its small size, Andorra is packed with a long list of things to do in the summer and is why visitors have such great things to say about our country. Apartaments Sant Moritz has plenty to offer as a basecamp, including:

  • A convenient, central location right next to several summer activities in Andorra, including Vallnord Bike Park.
  • Friendly and engaging staff that are always happy help you plan your summer excursions.
  • An on-site sports shop that has most of the essential equipment you’ll need for warm-weather pursuit of choice.

Book your spring or summer stay with Sant Moritz and Andorra’s beautiful scenery and Andorra’s diversions will take care of the rest.

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