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Our home here in Arinsal has been attracting thousands of annual visitors for years.

A lot of that has to do with the stunning mountain views. Arinsal is perched at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. For all twelve months of the year, this truly is an alpine paradise.

But once you’ve finished taking in the scenery you might wonder what there is to do in Arinsal. Plenty! Follow this guide of things to do in Arinsal and keep entertained while you stay with us.

What Makes Arinsal Different?

We’re a village of about 1,700 Andorrans perched high up in the Pyrenees. Europe has its share of mountain villages but life here is truly different.

Tourism is, by far, the biggest economic activity in Arinsal and most businesses are geared toward offering something to the stream of international visitors – especially English speakers.

We’re big on outdoor activities — but we also know that’s not for everyone. Luckily our location is a short drive to Andorra la Vella, meaning you can have the mountains at your doorstep and Andorra’s best shopping almost as close by.

Winter Activities in Arinsal

Before 1973, we had plenty of mountains here in Arinsal and the opportunity for some winter hiking. But then things really changed. That’s when Josep Serra installed the town’s first ski lifts and a new industry was born.

Skiing, snowboarding and all sorts of downhill activities have become super-popular in Arinsal over the last 45 years.

And even if you want a break from the slopes there is still lots of things to do in Arinsal during the winter.

Skiing in Arinsal at the Vallnord Resort

Vallnord operates our local, world-class ski resort. It’s a top choice thanks to:

  • Over 1,000 metres of altitude difference from peak to base.
  • A total of 44 state-of-the-art lifts for easily and quickly getting up the hill.
  • Cota 1550, the longest on-piste ski run in Andorra.
Obviously, skiing is one of the main things that draws people to Arinsal and Andorra in general.
Obviously, skiing is one of the main things that draws people to Arinsal and Andorra in general.

Have a look at our full guide to the ski resort options in Arinsal for more info.

Renting or Buying Equipment from Esports Sant Moritz

We love skiing in the Sant Moritz group. And if it’s also your activity of choice in Arinsal, Esports Sant Moritz can help get you set up with the equipment you need.

Esports Sant Moritz is one of the top ski hire options in Andorra because:

  • There are three locations, placed conveniently all over Arinsal.
  • You’ll find the latest gear from top brands like Black Crows.
  • Esports Sant Moritz staff members are passionate skiers themselves and will be happy to help you to rent or purchase the gear that works perfectly for you.

Other Downhill Experiences in Arinsal

Obviously, it isn’t just skiing that attracts people to Andorra’s mountains. Snowboarding is also very popular, especially with beginner and intermediate snowboarders.

The halfpipe and terrain park that are part of the Vallnord complex get top marks from these groups.

Back on skis, if an off-piste run is what you’re looking then Ordino-Arcalis is worth investigating.

And maybe you haven’t skied before — or are looking to tune up your skills before returning to black-diamond difficulty. In either case, there’s bound to be a ski school for you here in Arinsal.

What to do Off the Slopes in Arinsal

Getting behind a team of sled dogs is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Operators of mushing adventures are increasingly offering this activity to winter visitors.

If going at a faster clip is more your speed, snowmobiling is a great way to take in the stunning mountain scenery here in Andorra.

What is There to do in Arinsal in the Summer?

The thing to remember about visiting Andorra is that even when the snow melts the mountains and the breathtaking views are still here.

Mountain Biking in Arinsal

If Vallnord is world-famous for skiing, its acclaim is just as great in the summer. That’s when Vallnord converts to a bike park and mountain biking becomes the thing to do in Arinsal.

In total, there are 29 different runs spread across the facility. The focus in on downhill, but we also have enduro, cross-country, four-cross and even an electric bike circuit.

In the summer, mountain biking is one of the most popular things to do in Arinsal.
In the summer, mountain biking is one of the most popular things to do in Arinsal.

As well, there’s a bike park for the kids and a BMX pump track.

Hiking Trails Near Arinsal

There are many trail options near us for those looking to get outside and experience Andorra under their own power.

Head northwest for a challenging hike into the mountains to Refugi de Coma Pedrosa. Or a short drive into Andorra la Vella can get you to the much more low-key (but still popular) trail along the irrigation canal («Camí saludable dels Drets Humans«).

Road Cycling From Arinsal

Perched between France and Spain, Andorra is in the heart of Europe’s cycling-obsessed homeland. Our tourist-style apartments are a great overnight waypoint for a long-distance cycling trip.

Buying or Renting Summer Equipment from Esports Sant Moritz

Warm weather fun is also a strong suit for Esports Sant Moritz. Especially with our nearby world-class bike park, they specialize in everything from helmets to inner tubes.

They take staff training just as seriously for knowledge about summer equipment. That means making sure that whether you’re renting or buying, you can expect gear that fits and suits your skill level.

Excursions from Arinsal

We think a holiday to Andorra should involve as much variety as possible. That’s one of the main advantages of living in such a compact country.

To help with this we can help connect you with excursions like:

  • Guided freerides for skiers who want to go off-piste.
  • Snowshoeing trips on mountain trails.
  • Helicopter rides for a birds’-eye view of the scenery.

Nightlife Options for Winding Down in Arinsal

After all that exercise and excitement, you’re probably ready to wind down, probably with a beer or two. Arinsal is a top nightlife destination without being overcrowded.

El Cabin is One of Arinsal’s Top Bars

A very friendly atmosphere makes El Cabin one of Arinsal’s favourite après-ski spots. That goes doubly if you can snag a spot on the riverside patio.

El Cabin is a top choice for a glass of wine after a long day on the slopes.
El Cabin is a top choice for a glass of wine after a long day on the slopes. Image: El Cabin/Facebook.

Polar Bar for a Break on the Slopes

If you didn’t get your fill of sunshine while skiing, grab a chair on the sunny patio at Polar Bar. The food and the view vie for top billing here.

Other Options for Eating and Drinking

A few other places worth recommending include:

  • Argentinian steakhouses like Ruta 40 and Pampa Arinsal
  • Gustus or Restaurant Emo for a fancier night out.
  • Borda Erts and La Borda Xica have their takes on traditional Andorran fare.

Apartaments Sant Moritz is Your Go-To Accommodation Choice in Arinsal, Andorra

Arinsal deserves a spot at the top of your list of destinations in Andorra because:

  • All the things to do in Arinsal during the day — from world-class skiing to the snowboard park to mountain biking in the summer.
  • It’s just-right nightlife with après-ski drinks on the patio, family-friendly dining options or bars with a lively atmosphere.
  • Our ski-village atmosphere is charming without missing out on any of what you want from a vacation.

Now that you’ve sorted out what you’re going to do in Arinsal, book your accommodation with us. Get in touch and we’ll find you one of our conveniently located tourist apartments at the best price possible.

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