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There are plenty of options of where to stay in Andorra, from luxurious to budget-friendly.

Planning just about any trip requires time, effort, and sifting through a number of fun activities that will make your holiday worthwhile. But aside from deciding what to do in Andorra and how to get here, the most important question is, of course, "Where should I stay in Andorra?"

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Andorra has a wide range of interesting activities that appeal to different visitors — from skiing and shopping to mountain biking and hiking in the gorgeous nature trails. Our principality is relatively small and easy to drive across but, thanks to the well-developed tourism industry, finding a place that offers everything you need won't be difficult.

Today, we’ll review some of the most popular activities and help you decide where to book your stay in Andorra.

Accommodation Options in Andorra

For a country of only a little over 75,000 people, Andorra has a remarkably diverse hotel industry with over 700 properties in total. From student hostels to five-star hotels, there is a wide range of options to suit various tastes and budgets.

What's even better is that it's very easy to find comfortable accommodation right beside the activities you plan on doing during your stay here. Hotels and apartment-style stays are spread all throughout the principality so it won't be hard to spot one while you're out and about.

Traditional Hotels in Andorra

The top luxury hotels in Andorra are clustered in Andorra la Vella and near popular skiing places like La Massana, Canillo, Soldeu, and Arinsal. A handful of Andorra’s hotels are buildings (or facades) registered as part of the Cultural Heritage of Andorra.

Many hotels in Andorra have picturesque, or even historically important, facades.
Many hotels in Andorra have picturesque, or even historically important, facades. CdaniHotel Casamanya, Ordino, Principat d'AndorraCC BY-SA 3.0

Apartment-style Accommodations in Andorra

There are a few options in Andorra for hotels with apartment-style suites, like we have at Apartaments Sant Moritz. Having the extra space can definitely help you get set up for a variety of activities, from checking the tune on your skis to making sure you have everything in your mountain bike pack ready to go.

Even without the help of an online translation tool, it is easy to spot these places because they usually have “apartaments” in the name.

Frontera Blanca Apartaments in Pas de la Casa and Apartaments Pobladó in Arinsal are two other examples of the style.

Budget-friendly Options in Andorra

Though there aren't many hostels in Andorra, you can find one near El Tarter which is convenient for mountain activities.

There are several other options that qualify as hostels — shared bedrooms, some with dormitory-style bunk beds, and shared living spaces — and identify themselves as “hostel”, “hostal” or “residencia”.

Apart from this, there are plenty of budget-friendly traditional hotels with attractive rates, especially during the off-season.

Best Places to Stay in Andorra During the Summer

Even during the warmest months of the year, we here at Sant Moritz have plenty of activities to add a little thrill and adventure to your holiday. Our guided excursions include hiking — a trip into the mountains is an excellent escape from summer’s heat — and we are certified bike-friendly.

In the summer, camping can be an easy and affordable for where to stay in Andorra.
In the summer, camping can be an easy and affordable option for where to stay in Andorra.

Elsewhere in Andorra, let your summer activities guide you when booking a comfortable stay. If shopping is your thing, you’ll find that many of the hotels in Andorra la Vella are operating as usual during the summer. If you’re staying in Andorra during the summer for mountain biking, many hotels, including Sant Moritz, will be able to accommodate you with a room a short distance from the best trails.

Where to Stay in Andorra for Warm-weather Activities

For skiing, especially here in the Pyrenees, many hotels tend to be built within easy reach of the ski slopes. For spring and summer activities, the options are a bit less obvious and some strategic planning can help reduce the amount of time you spend getting to the hiking trail or boutique shops.

Accommodations for Mountain Biking in Andorra

Luckily, the best mountain bike park facilities in Andorra are also ski resorts so they have plenty of hotels in the area. For instance, at Sant Moritz we’re only a seven-minute drive from the Vallnord Bike Park.  If we’re booked, check out La Lluna Bed & Breakfast which is pretty close, in La Massana. In Arinsal, other mountain-bike-friendly options include Hotel Palomé, Hotel Micolau, and Apartaments Pobladó.

Accommodations for Hiking in Andorra

The options for hiking trails in Andorra are widely distributed compared to other activities. (That’s partly because, in such a scenic and mountainous country, there is a great hiking trail around almost every corner.) But there are some especially popular ones with nearby hotels or other accommodations.

If you're planning a hiking route in Andorra for the views, it makes sense to find a nearby accommodation.
If you're planning a hiking route in Andorra for the views, it makes sense to find a nearby accommodation.

For instance, near the Tristaina Lakes, in El Serrat, there are a few good choices. Hotel & Spa Xalet Bringué is a posh 4-star spa that offers luxurious relaxation after a day outside. If you plan to see Madriu-Perafita-Claror in the southern part of Andorra, Hotel Carlemany in the Les Escaldes side of Andorra la Vella is one of the closest and best options.

Hotel Options for Via Ferrata Vacations to Andorra

Canillo is one of the best towns to set up your base camp if you plan to experience Andorra’s excellent via ferrata routes. Here the lodging options range from the 4-star, spa-equipped Font d'Argent Canillo, all the way to campgrounds — if you’re looking for something more rustic and natural.

Via ferrata are spread through Andorra, so it can be easy to find a hotel nearby.
Via ferrata are spread through Andorra, so it can be easy to find a hotel nearby. EliziR, Via Ferrada Roc d'Esquers (novembre 2011) - panoramio (2)CC BY-SA 3.0

At Sant Moritz, we’re within an easy drive of the particularly good via ferrata called Roc de la Coma in Erts.

Shopping-friendly Accommodation

There are shopping options spread across Andorra, including in ski-resort villages like Arinsal, but many of the luxury boutiques are clustered in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. Luckily, there are also plenty of hotel options there as well. For instance, within a few blocks of the Illa Carlemany shopping centre there are more than a dozen hotels, ranging from two to five-star options. Here again Hotel Carlemany is a convenient option. You'll also find a number of restaurants in the area where you can treat your tastebuds to some Andorran cuisine.

In the eastern part of Andorra, Frontera Blanca Apartaments in Pas de la Casa is a convenient place to stay if you’re coming across the border from France for a quick shopping trip to the stores clustered there.

Staying in Andorra During the Winter

At Sant Moritz, we are at our busiest once the ski hills and resorts open for the season. Our suites, with a view of the gondola to Arinsal’s best runs, tend to be quite popular with the winter-activity crowd, so it makes sense to book early. As well, having an apartment-style suite with plenty of space is handy to sort out your gear for a day on the slopes.

Accommodations for Skiing

The Sant Moritz complex is the most convenient option for skiing Vallnord in Pal-Arinsal. If you’d like a bed and breakfast option, La Lluna offers everything you need. There's also Hotel Micolau, Apartaments Pobladó, and Hotel Palomé which are conveniently nearby.

Many people come to Andorra for the skiing so it's best to book where you're going to stay well in advance.
Many people come to Andorra for skiing so it's best to book where you're going to stay well in advance.

Near Grandvalira, the options that work in summer (except camping) can also be good if you're looking to ski, as there a number of resorts and ski schools in the area. In Canillo, if you’re looking for a particularly grand winter break the 5-star Hotel Ski Plaza & Wellness is located relatively close to the hills.

If you’re planning to visit the Ordino-Arcalis resort for skiing, the hotel options in El Serrat that were discussed in the hiking section will work just as well in winter.

Find the Perfect Stay Right Here in Andorra

From campgrounds to 5-star hotels, Andorra truly has a comprehensive range of options for every need. To satisfy a growing demand for extra space and the comforts of home, many offer apartment-style stays which are quickly gaining popularity.

Whether you're traveling to Andorra for skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or shopping (among other fun activities), Sant Moritz has everything you need for a comfortable yet delightful stay in Andorra. Book now for a great rate on a conveniently located suite.

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